You have been patiently waiting, dear loyal companions — and the day has finally come: The presale starts today at 8 pm UTC and will be open for 7 days or until the hard cap of 200 ETH is reached. All unsold Tokens will be burned!

Hard Facts:

Initial Supply for Presale: 10 000 LYL Token

Price per LYL Token: 0.02 ETH

Minimum Contribution: 0.2 ETH

Maximum Distribution: 5 ETH

Listing Price per LYL Token: 0.025 ETH

Sale ends after 7 days or when the 200 ETH hard cap is reached.

The Airdrop of LYL was limited to a total of 500 LYL previously. To ensure that our most loyal members will not be treated disadvantageously — through Airdrop-Hunters without the intention to support the project long-term — we decided to give out another 500 LYL as a reserve for everyone who attended at the Airdrop-Onboarding AND will contribute in our presale.

As another special gift for our early supporters, we decided to reward the trust in our project by distributing additional rLYL tokens to these investors who were part of the Airdrop and will plan to contribute at least 1 ETH (50 LYL) in our presale. We will distribute this rLYL at a rate of 1:10 to the corresponding LYL Amount in your wallet. The exact amount of the rLYL Reward Airdrop will therefore depend on the amount of LYL you are holding in total.

Another part of our Anti-Whale policy: We set our maximum contribution per person to 5 ETH. This will prevent an unfair distribution model where whales control a significant part of the circulating LYL and therefore gaining access to the rLYL reserve.

The issue: Let’s be real: at least 90–95% of all DeFi projects have an insanely short lifecycle. Especially for staking projects, whales buy massive amounts of tokens very early and then dump the farmed token immediately to make back their initial investment asap. They know, the stakers who dump the fastest, make the most money. The result of this is that staking/farming projects are rarely a good investment for smaller investors.

The goal of this experimental community project is to tackle exactly this issue from the beginning:

The goal: Our goal is to combat the typical pattern in staking projects and enable a long-lasting partnership with the loyal staking community. This enables building a DAO which actually is sustainable long term and where users can take part in building and forming this great project.

Our Recipe to Success: We are incentivizing loyal users to participate long term in our ecosystem. Therefore we have a snapshot at a random time every day which checks the account holder's balance. Every 14 days (except the first airdrop which is already 7 days after the sale) there will be an airdrop which size is based on the amount of rLYL holding and the time you hold the tokens. Therefore not only the people who hold the most token but also the people who hold them the longest have the most influence over the project and also get more rewards during the staking period. For more information about the staking period, please check out this article.

Happy Investing and stay LOYAL!

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